Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where do I start?

Yes, I have come a long way. Well, to be frank I started off as a clumsy driver. I still remember clearly when I took my driving license. Its tough. Full stop. Somehow, I never thought my passion for cars could grow on me.

My first car 'lust' was a 3rd generation Honda Prelude 2.0XX 4WS - 1991 Model, yeah a prelude to my long pursuit indeed! My influence was from a panther black ride shoved with 16inch rims. Mind you, 16inch rim is something BIG that time. Soon after, I decide to place a booking for one second hand unit. But the deal didn't go through after some violent objections....*sigh*

To keep me moving about, I drove my mom's Proton Saga 1.5 12v Magma Aeroback. It has ample power for me to enjoy the ride coupled with a 5-gear manual transmission.

Next was an offer for a Ford Telstar Ghia 2.0, a 'big' company car carrying a price tag of RM43k. Being impulsive in nature, I seize the opportunity and took a loan for it. Not long, I discover its a fuel guzzler and definitely not in the league where I can afford to support its thirst! Imagine a manual, and its not fuel efficient for a pathetic low income earner trying to save some pennies. I was traveling in jam very often and its not viable. The manual gear shift is draggy and not responsive. I sold it off not long after for a Proton, a car that every one from my generation would at least enjoy once! With this swap over, the Ford is well known for high depreciation - and I loose RM14k within just a year or so.

There you go, back to 1.5 cc powered national car. But this time an export spec'ed Proton Wira. A national hero, with better interior. Without knowing, I began with my endless mods ranging from rear anti roll bars to body kits to sport bucket seats to in-car entertainment systems and back to adjustable coil overs. The only stuff where I left bone stock is the engine block! What a car indeed... economical in every sense and potent for mods. At least I drove this car for a good 4 year and it has served me well, but I got bored with manual. I need an automatic transmission ride to relieve my left foot. It has been aching for all these years, years of agony I have been going through...yeah, I know I am fortunate enough to own a car back then with all the money plonked into crazy mods. Believe me, it is crazy enough to make my better half go cuckoo too!

Well then, what next?

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