Monday, February 22, 2010

My first two months with Jetta....

The big day comes when I have to leave my office after work to collect my new ride!

It was a nice experience enjoying the quiet ride with comfy german handling. I enjoyed so much that I missed a turn towards my home!! Moving about is a breeze with this mid sized sedan. Totally enjoyed the ride, while driving it slowly.....slooow....

While many would ask, what? Why a Volkswagen? Jetta? Is that a jet or some sort?? silly remarks...but as soon as they got to see the car, they are confident with most Malaysians would do a typical shutting-door-test.... "THUD!"....hmmm

This was the first month.

Then I started to look for mods, my usual self surfacing once more...OMG! Surveyed some of the popular forums, well nothing on Jetta. Ermm, more like nothing on 1.6A version....arggh....but fortunately, I found This forum has a cool community with some Jetta 1.6A owners...Well, very soon I learnt that this is a car not to be 'touched', period.

Hmmm....nevermind, at least I just enjoy the ride!!

Another week passed, discovering more of myself and my Jetta. Going through traffic jams are kinda tough as I began to discover the car in front of me begin to accelerate faster and my 6-speed tranny could not keep up...wait a minute! why? I began to suspect the gear ratio is kinda wierd, it tends to rev quite high and the engine note began to sound harsh.....A quick check at my favourite forum and most concurs the same...."Do not touch the engine, its an old but proven engine!"

I started off doing the tint work to protect the interior from the scorching hot sun. Chose Ecotint, since my salesman recommended to go for them as they have been doing many VWs to date. The service was good and professionally done....overall satisfied.

My next mod-hop, ordered a Witson 720d multimedia head-unit with Debetz rear cam from a fellow forumer. Well, that costs me quite a bit with the workman ship to install. The rear cam works wonders as I could easily park rear-in without breaking a sweat! Cool thing it has DVD and GPS navigation support as well with a touch screen.

The next lobang was the Jetta side skirts, its an OEM unit where I have to personally order and delivered from Singapore. The moment it arrives, I DIYed the installation. It wasn't easy to remove the torque screws at the wheel well. Finally it was done.

That was all the mods I put in within the second month.....looks great now, just the sluggishness!

Next, how I join the Fast?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joining the VW clan!

Hey, I know its been a long time since I I better start doing so. ;)

Its an interesting make, I must say as I always liked how the Golf 's curvy back and aggressive front coupled with a beasty engine! Hey, that would be a GTI...thinking twice and tried my luck asking the salesman, "Any stock? GTI?", and the salesman quickly says "No more, and for now we have not got any". And that leaves me thinking I better get what is within my means...allowable limits that is....

Well, after the quick favourable grin from my Madame and several round of simple arithmatic...I did my part by quickly shoving my credit card for the deposit. This is it....I am gonna live with it, after all a VW not a hot hatch but a Jetta 1.6A. Yes!

Right after the depost and paper work, I quickly asked about which unit will I be getting? Can I take a look at it since its a pre-registered unit? To my first shock, its the unit that I test drove! OMG!

Anyway, then I probe further....I asked "How about the tyres?" From my basic knowledge on how to read tyre codes on manufacturing date, its been like two years old.....hmm, and I quickly tried my luck by asking "Will VW be able to arrange to swap the tyres to a newer units?", the sales agent mumbles "Ok, I will try to ask for you". Then, my Madame pushed me to tell the supervisor, at least I get to know whether its possible quickly. And to my surprise, the supervisor without even thinking he responded a stern "NO". What? I was quite agitated by the supervisor's tone, and I quickly responded "This is my first VW, and aint VW a brand that promotes safety??" And again, he again responded a "NO". He then mentioned "If you think this is not as per my expectation. You may cancel the sales order." Well then again, my desperate nature as asking me to keep my gap shut and live with it....Anyway, I liked the car so much that I decide to just go with it.....I know, I know, some of you may just walked away but I am a pure sucker to VW and the deal I am getting.

That was my first encounter with VW 'during' sales service.... *sigh*

Lesson learnt, prepare all things to ask, and ask all questions with reasonably acceptable answers from the sales agent before putting down a deposit. Any sales agent will try to promise the 'sky' as the limit, and in the end more disappointment.

What next?