Saturday, November 14, 2009

Next choice of ride, an upgrade perhaps?

I still remembered I need a comfy car badly and that's when Honda launched the next successor of City. As with most Honda design, the car seems futuristic, with looks and richness in technological features being the main selling point. From close viewing the car seems acceptable for space and practicality, however, while rolling the view can be quite disturbing from far! Then came Toyota, with its more proportion compact Vios. IMHO, the car is cool but has less rear passenger headroom. and more ponies. I guess fuel economy is the in-thing then but City tops it with iDSI variant coupled with CVT 7 speed ala paddleshift! Colour, yes both has black body colour options. Black is cool! I quickly then make a booking at a Honda showroom. Thereafter, I went to strip my Wira naked selling off its parts to get some cash for more mods on the new City.

It was a good experience and feel to own a non-Proton when the day came. Everything about the car seems to be perfect! Nice torquey feeling with CVT gearbox, and bright interior. On the contrary, however, I start to receive remarks about the weird stance the car has. Obviously a sign of being green with envy, huh! Surprisingly, it does not bother me at all. And I know I can change the looks later.

Not long after, being my normal self, I quickly jumped on my routine mod-quest passed over from my Wira days. I can't remember the stuffs I did in sequence as this was like 5 years ago. So here goes:

  • Air Cool tinting, two layers
  • Airmaster full bodykit, with two types of rear spoilers and an exhaust tip
  • Front sarong, imported from Thailand by a friend who is kind enough to buy and bring back for me! (TQ, Phuah!)
  • Hifi soundsystem and sound-proofing -
  1. Alpine headunit and 6disc CD changer,
  2. a/d/s/ amp and
  3. RS Audio loudspeaker systems.
  • Sport wheels, changed twice
  • Spray painted headlight reflective part to matt black
  • Grounding cables
  • Eibach pro-kit springs - to lower the car
  • Meter cluster face panel - with blue or purple illumination lights.
  • HID kit
  • Headlamp eyelid
My ride has been nicknamed the 'batman car' by my many colleagues and received many praises. And I am proud of it!

The sad part was I met an accident 3 months after. It was along KL-Seremban expressway when a taxi hit me from behind. Then again, I was reminded that being a black car! The whole back portion has to be reconstructed. Boy, I was so heart ache then. It took a whole good month to fix!

The second accident was at a private compound near Astro on the third year. This time was worse, and I must admit that its my carelessness. I smashed into a Gen2 which was turning in from my right to a parking compound on my left. My gearbox was disengaged and the debris all over the place with my broken bumper kit slammed on the dirty tarmac. The airbag did not fire. This time it took 2 whole months to fix. When I took delivery, it wasn't well done. It was no longer the City I owned, with gearbox leaking from a crack!! Refix my front bumper lip, thats all. Not doing anything more, and my plan is to just use it until God knows when.....

When it was fully done up (2006)

A closer look at the 'eye-lid'

Was I too Fast? I dont think so....

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