Monday, June 20, 2011

Fast forward!

Time flies much that I need to Fast forward my chronology to becoming Fast! *grin*

*Flash back*
"What? Changing your brand new sedan (Jetta) for an old and small hatch (Golf)? That can't be right....", a general and cynical remark from a sane and logical person. *SIGH*

Oh yes.... I have been poisoned hard. All I did was getting onto a stock Silver Reflex MK5 GTI! THAT was the greatest mistake for another roller coaster ride in my pursue to be Fast.

THE ride was as simple as a lunch date with my ex-boss. Everything thereafter was history! Well, the difference was beyond how I can stretch my both hands to the opposite direction as if to measure how wide the earth is - err Heaven and earth?!? The ride is firm, steady and lively! Power on tap everytime I need. No more sluggish gear change with the excellent DSG predicting each of my gear change, ear pleasing exhaust note, chasis rigidity with confort and my hunger for acceleration has caused a disease spreading on right foot with no antidote to the midst of the calm cabin ambience where we chat softly.....WOW!

Next I know, I was hunting for a second hand ride at most dealers and also other makes. I must say its quite hard to beat on papers. One of it was the 308GT Peugeot. Well its not up to par....mainly its also my confidence on after sale and also the capability of upholding the value in the used market. It never dealer would take my Jetta at a reasonable price as they do not know how to value my ride since its only 2 months?? Damn....

I have gone through few potential buyers but the deal did not went through. But in the end, I manage to find a buyer who was also looking for the same model. Thank God!!!

Thats when I am more active in looking for a good condition and well taken care MK5 GTI. Looking for one is difficult as it seems the second hand value is upholding quite well. Imagine a 2007 manufactured at that time is still asking for 155k-170k thereabouts! I keep looking around until I managed to pass by Pudu area whereby a shimmering Tornado Red 2005 WALD MK5 GTI was as if asking to "I am here, take me!" hahah, mind you that this is the 4th test drive.... I am getting tired too as some has very basic features and the engine seems quite overworked!

It was the perfect combination of specs that I ever wished for... a sunroof and 18inch Detroits wheel. :)

With some haggling, I managed to own it after a short test drive.....WOW!

My Tornado Red FAST waiting to be driven back!
Historical date: 20th July 2009

Sporty blue lited and colourful meter cluster with low mileage reading

Thereafter my life on Fast is indeed "Fast" forwarded....why a small hatch? think again, its the experience that will get you hooked!

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